Ernst Lubitsch

29.01.1892, Berlin - 30.01.1947, Hollywood


Ernst Lubitsch (January 28, 1892) was a German director, screenwriter and producer. He began his career in film as an actor in silent comedies, and made his debut with the film Shoe Salon Pinkus (Schuhpalast Pinkus, 1916). Later he made Carmen (1918), The Oyster Princess (Die Austernprinzessin, 1919), Passion (Madame Dubarry, 1919), The Doll (Die Puppe, 1919) and One Arabian Night (Sumurun, 1920). In 1922, he left Germany and moved to Hollywood, where he continued his career with The Marriage Circle (1924), Lady Windermere\\\'s Fan (1925), So This Is Paris (1926) and The Patriot (1928). At the beginning of the era of sound films he made the musical The Love Parade (1929), The Smiling Lieutenant (1931), Trouble in Paradise (1932), The Merry Widow (1934), Angel (1937), Ninotchka (1939), The Shop Around the Corner (1940), To Be or Not to Be (1940), and Heaven Can Wait (1942). He died in 1948, while filming That Lady in Ermine, which was finished by Otto Preminger.


Films by this director

The Oyster Princess

(Die Austernprinzessin, 1919)

Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
PHOTOGRAPHY: Theodor Sparkuhl

Quaker is a wealthy king of the oyster trade who wants to marry his daughter to an actual prince. He selects the poor prince Nucki as his future son in law. Nucki sends his friend Josef to learn something about his future wife. Quaker’s daughter mistakes Josef for her future husband and marries him.

silent, b/w, 47 minuta


(USA, 1939)

Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
PHOTOGRAPHY: William H. Daniels

Three Russians are in Paris to sell jewelry that was taken from the Russian nobility during the revolution in 1917. The great duchess of Swana of Russia sends count Leon to try and get her jewelry back before it gets sold. However, the count only bribes the three thieves and they remain in Paris. Then the Soviet Union sends Nina Yakushova to return the men and the jewelry back to Russia. Howvere, Nina falls in love with Paris and the western way of life… For her role of Nina/Ninotchka, G...

b/w, digital, 110 min

The Shop Around the Corner

(USA, 1940)

Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
PHOTOGRAPHY: William H. Daniels

Alfred Kralik iskusni je prodavač u trgovini kožnim proizvodima u Budimpešti, dobrodušan momak koji je još donedavno sa starim vlasnikom Matuschekom imao gotovo idiličan odnos pun poštovanja i odanosti. No u posljednje vrijeme često se svađaju oko sitnica, a Alfredu nije jasno što je pošlo po krivu. Sve će se dodatno zakomplicirati nakon što Alfred upozna novu zaposlenicu Klaru Novak, s kojom će se odmah početi svađati i sukobljavati. No dok se u...

b/w, 99'
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