Grigorij Vasiljevič (Mormenko) Aleksandrov

10.01.1902, Sverdlovsk - 16.12.1984, Moskva



Aleksandrov was a Russian director and screenwriter, who began his career as an actor, acrobat and director in the theatre Proletkult. There he worked with Eisenstein, eventually becoming his assistant. He worked on Eisenstein’s first films Strike (1924) and The Battleship Potemkin (Bronenosets Potyomkin, 1925) as a co-screenwriter, actor and assistant. He co-directed Eisenstein’s later films, Old and New/The General Line (1929) and October (1929). In 1979, Aleksandrov finished the final version of Eisenstein’s film Que viva Mexico! (1932). He achieved international success with his musical comedy The Happy Guys (Vesyolyye rebyata, 1934), in which he relied on Hollywood musicals. His films The Circus (Tsirk, 1936), Volga - Volga (1938), Spring (Vesna, 1947) were favorites for many years among the Soviets.


Lyubov Orlova (1983)
Skvorets i Lira (1973)
Lenin in Switzerland (Lenin v Shvejtsarij, 1965) (TV)
Before October (Pered oktyabre, 1965)
Lenin in Poland (Lenine v Polske, 1961)
Russian Souvenir (Russkij suvenir, 1960)
From Man to Man (Chelovek cheloveku, 1958)
Kompozitor Glinka (1952)
Meeting on the Elbe (Vstrecha na Elbe, 1949)
Spring (Vesna, 1947)
Men of the Caspian (Kaspiky, 1944)
A Family (1943)
The Shining Path (Svetlyj put, 1940)
Time In the Sun (1940)
Pervoye maya (1938)
Volga - Volga (1938)
Doklad tov. Stalina o proekte Konstututsii SSSR na VIII Chrezvytsaynom S\'ezde Sovetov (1937)
The Circus (Tsirk 1936)
The Happy Guys (Vesyolyye rebyata, 1934)
Internationale (Internatsional, 1932)
!Que viva Mexico! (1932)
Sentimental Romance (Romance sentimentale, 1930)
Misery and Fortune of Women (Frauennot - Frauenglück: Das Hohelied der ärztlichen Kunst, 1929)
Old and New/The General Line (Staroye i novoye, 1929)
October (Oktyabr, 1927)
The Battleship Potemkin (Bronenosets Potyomkin, 1925)

Films by this director

The Happy Guys

(Veselye rebjata, 1934)

Directed by: Grigorij Vasiljevič (Mormenko) Aleksandrov
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vladimir Nilsen

This comedy is about a shepherd who is mistaken for a famous conductor. At a party, when some people ask him to show his artistic skills, he plays his flute. Complete chaos follows…

b/w, 96 minuta


(Vesna, 1947)

Directed by: Grigorij Vasiljevič (Mormenko) Aleksandrov
PHOTOGRAPHY: Yuri Yekelchik

Irina Petrovna Nikitina (Lyubov Orlova) is a respectable professor who researches solar energy. Vera Giorgieva Shatrova (Lyubov Orlova) is an actress and singer who is supposed to play Irina in a movie. However, the two of them exchange roles in reality, rather than on the silver screen, and find unexpected happiness in their newly acquired lives.

b/w, 104 minute
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