The American Friend

Der amerikanische Freund, feature film, 1977

DIRECTED BY: Wim Wenders

The American Friend

Bruno Ganz (Jonathan Zimmermann),
Dennis Hopper (Tom Ripley),
Lisa Kreuzer (Marianne Zimmermann),
Gérard Blain (Raoul Minot)

Wim Wenders (based on novel Ripley's Game by Patricia Highsmith)

Robby Müller

Jonathan Zimmermann, famous maker of picture frames from Hamburg, discovers that he suffers from leuchemia and that he does not have much time left. American art salesman Ripley takes an advantage of that fact to lure him into the world of crime. He hires him to assassinate a member of a mob. Zimmermann accepts the job, wanting to financially provide for his family.
Interesting curiosity of film are cameo appearances of famous directors Samuel Fuller and Nicholas Ray.

The American Friend - trailer

color, DCP, 127 min