Road a Year Long

feature film, drama, Croatia, Yugoslavia, 1958

DIRECTED BY: Giuseppe De Santis

Road a Year Long

Silvana Pampanini,
Eleonora Rossi Drago (Suzana),
Massimo Girotti (Naklapalo),
Bert Sotlar (Emil Kozma),
Hermina Pipinić (Agneza)

Giuseppe De Santis,
Maurizio Ferrara,
Tonino Guerra,
Elio Petri,
Gianni Puccini,
Mario Socrate

Marco Scarpelli

Vladimir Kraus-Rajterić

Boris Tešija

Although he has not received a permit, Emil Kozma initiates construction of a road from an isolated village in the mountains to the main road towards the city. Gradually, the other villagers join him, assuming that the government initiated the construction. Moreover, they think that they will now qualify for a government loan that will help them meet their basic life needs. By the time they discover that Emil began the construction before getting the government’s approval, it is already too late to stop the project that will connect the remote village to the world…

b/w, 35 mm, 160'