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Road a Year Long

(Croatia, Yugoslavia, 1958)

Directed by: Giuseppe De Santis
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marco Scarpelli

Although he has not received a permit, Emil Kozma initiates construction of a road from an isolated village in the mountains to the main road towards the city. Gradually, the other villagers join him, assuming that the government initiated the construction. Moreover, they think that they will now qualify for a government loan that will help them meet their basic life needs. By the time they discover that Emil began the construction before getting the government’s approval, it is already too late...

b/w, 35 mm, 160'
Tuesday 11.10.2005 AT 21:00

Adventure at the Door

(Jadran film, 1961)

Directed by: Šime Šimatović
PHOTOGRAPHY: Branko Blažina

Young Agneza is treated for psychological problems in a sanatorium. Her problem is that she cannot distinguish dreams from reality. She is especially disturbed by love letters that she receives from a stranger who may be the man of her life. However, her husband does not think much of those letters. When a man in a multicolored vest declares his love, she thinks that he may be the author of love letters…

digital, b/w, 82 min
Tuesday 18.10.2005 AT 21:00

The Seventh Continent


Directed by: Dušan Vukotić

Children of all colors and from all corners of the world suddenly decide to escape from the world of adults and move to the seventh continent, where they can freely play and enjoy their imaginary worlds… This is an unrealistic but quite rational fairy tale about the absurdities of modern life on a global scale.

color, 86 min
Monday 31.10.2005 AT 21:00


(Yugoslavia: Croatia, 1967)

Directed by: Fadil Hadžić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivica Rajković

A young assembler, Ivo Bajsic, commits suicide, jumping off of a skyscraper in the middle of town. His suicide is the biggest news on front pages and causes interest in his fate. But nobody knows why the young man killed himself. Through flashbacks we learn the hard life of the young man. The leading role is played by Bekim Fehmiu, one of the rare Albanian film actors in the cinematography of former Yugoslavia.

b/w, 35 mm, 86'
Tuesday 08.11.2005 AT 21:00

Gravitacija ili fantastična mladost činovnika Borisa Horvata


Directed by: Branko Ivanda
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivica Rajković

After military service, Boris Horvat is at a turning point in his life. He thinks about studying but he already has a job waiting for him in a bank where his father used to work. Boris falls in love with an artist, Ana, but soon after accepting the job in the bank, he has an affair with his colleague Nataša...

b/w, 84'
Tuesday 15.11.2005 AT 21:00


(Yugoslavia, Jadran film, 1970)

Directed by: Krsto Papić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vjenceslav Orešković

The story takes place in the Dalmatian inlands during 1948, following the Inform Bureau’s resolution. Forty-year-old Ante marries a much younger woman, Višnja. Two members of the Yugoslav State Security Service crash his wedding party with the intention of arresting somebody, but nobody knows whom. The groom’s godfather Andrija is a member of the local political establishment, and has no fear from the newcomers. During the wedding, tension builds…

b/w, 35 mm, 77'
Tuesday 22.11.2005 AT 21:00



Directed by: Lordan Zafranović
PHOTOGRAPHY: Predrag Pega Popović

The story takes place one Sunday in Split. In the morning, after making love to his girlfriend, a young man meets his friends and they spend the whole day cruising around town. Finally, they hijack a bus and come into conflict with a policeman who tries to stop them… For his first feature film Zafranović used an idea from his short film Nedjelja.

b/w (final red-toned sequence), 79'
Tuesday 29.11.2005 AT 21:00

Accidental Life


Directed by: Ante Peterlić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivica Rajković

Two young clerks, who are also amateur rowers, lead an ordinary life trying to find some excitement and pleasure in simple things. The introverted and more sensitive one falls in love with an attractive woman…

b/w, 81'
Tuesday 06.12.2005 AT 21:00

There Grows a Green Pine in the Woods

(Yugoslavia, Jadran film, 1971)

Directed by: Antun Vrdoljak
PHOTOGRAPHY: Frano Vodopivec

The story is set in Pannonian Croatia during WW II. Croatian Communist Ivan arrives as a political commissioner to a Partisan battalion under Dikan’s command. Dikan and the other Partisans are Serbian. The inexperienced commissioner soon faces the trials of war; he is especially conflicted when it comes to making decisions about other people’s lives…

color, 35 mm, 85'
Tuesday 13.12.2005 AT 21:00

Living Truth


Directed by: Tomislav Radić

Božidarka, an actress, looks unsuccessfully for a job. While waiting for her acting break, she reminisces about her difficult childhood as a war orphan, goes to parties with her friends, and finally gets an interview with the art director of theatre &tds, Vjeran Zuppa...

b/w, 35 mm, 77 minuta
Tuesday 20.12.2005 AT 21:00

Hitler From Our Street


Directed by: Vladimir Tadej
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nenad Jovičić

Before and in the beginning of WW II and German occupation of Serbia, in a multiethnic village in Vojvodina inhabitants are separated along ethnic lines. Local Volksdeutschers take the side of Nazi occupiers, and so Leksi, village bum, jumps at the opportunity to put on a uniform and parade around with a gun. Leksi gets into arguments with other villagers Marko and Joca, who have a plan how to get rid of him.

color, 90 min
Tuesday 31.01.2006 AT 21:00



Directed by: Krešo Golik

Two best friends, Serbian Petar and Croatian Tomo, go hunting together. Tomo accidentally fires his gun and shoots Petar. While Petar lies in a hospital, the rumor that Tomo tried to kill his friend spreads around the village. Meanwhile Tomo is questioned in prison.

color, 91 min
Tuesday 07.02.2006 AT 21:00

You Love Only Once


Directed by: Rajko Grlić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Tomislav Pinter

After the regime’s directive, young partisan Tomo and ballet dancer Beba move to a small town near Zagreb. He gets a managerial position and she has the task of “cultural renewal”. The two of them meet and fall in love. However, their parents and Tomo’s party comrades are opposed to their marriage.

35 mm, color, 100 min
Tuesday 14.02.2006 AT 21:00

Premeditated Love Letters

(Croatia, 1985)

Directed by: Zvonimir Berković
PHOTOGRAPHY: Goran Trbuljak

Musicologist and professor Kosor wakes up in a hospital. He has survived a serious car accident. In a bed next to his lies the amiable economist Gajski, whose wife Melita regularly visits him. This unusually beautiful woman is the first person that Kosor sees after he gains consciousness and is completely enchanted by her. Kosor becomes obsessed by Melita’s physical beauty and her trustworthy character and begins a risky game of writing and sending her anonymous love letters…

color, digital restauracija, 95'
Tuesday 28.02.2006 AT 21:00

Obećana zemlja

(Yugoslavia, 1986 | Mjesto prikazivanja filma: MM-centar (Studentski centar, Savska cesta 25))

Directed by: Veljko Bulajić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Goran Trbuljak

Miliša Matić je seljak koji se bori protiv osnivanja seljačkih zadruga jer bi time mnogi seljaci izgubili nedavno stečenu zemlju. Odredbu o osnivanju zadruga donijela je komunistička vlast, a za njenu provedbu je zadužen Markan Radišić. Kada Markanov sin zaprosi Milišinu kćer, njih dvojica će se sukobiti i na privatnom planu, što će rezultirati Markanovim ubojstvom Miliše.   U svojem prvijencu Vlak bez voznog reda (1959) Veljko Bulajić opisao je istinit p...

color, 127'
Tuesday 07.03.2006 AT 21:00

Crazy Days

(Jadran film, Croatia film, FRZ Klempo, 1977)

Directed by: Nikola Babić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrija Pivčević

A few friends who work abroad as guest workers return home to Dalmatinska Zagora for the holidays. They sit in a local pub and brag about their wealth. Šimun called Klempo is the only one who stayed poor and has nothing to say. In a game of cards he confronts Jure and this causes a strange duel.

color, 35 mm, 94'
Tuesday 28.03.2006 AT 21:00
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