Children of Paradise

Les enfants du paradis, feature film, romantic drama, 1945

DIRECTED BY: Marcel Carné

Children of Paradise

Arletty (Garance),
Jean-Louis Barrault (Baptiste Debureau),
Pierre Brasseur (Frédérick Lemaître),
Pierre Renoir (Jéricho),
Marcel Herrand (Pierre-François Lacenaire)

Jacques Prevert

Marc Fossard,
Roger Hubert


Garance is a courtesan and the central figure in a story of life in the 19th century French theatre. Although married, Baptiste, the mime, is in love with Garance. There are signs that his love could be returned, but a brutal criminal Lacenaire and an ambitious actor Frédérick are also interested in Garance. The film is divided in two parts because the Nazi government in the WW II banned filming of movies longer than 90 minutes.

Film has both English and Croatian subtitles!

b/w, digital, 182 min