Kisah 3 titik

feature film, drama, Indonesia, 2013

DIRECTED BY: Bobby Prabowo

Kisah 3 titik

Lola Amaria (Titik Dewanti Sari),
Ririn Ekawati (Titik Sulastri),
Maryam Supraba (Titik Kartika),
Donny Alamsyah (Anto),
Hafez Ali (Fajariawan)

Charmantha Adjie

Nur Hidayat


This is a story about three women with the same name but with different paths in their lives. Titik Sulastri is a widow whose husband died while she was expecting their second child. Left without any means of support, she finds a minimum-wage job and hides her pregnancy. In a moment of need the manager of the company she works for helps her out. Her name is Titik Dewanti Sari and she is a serious and ambitious women but she lacks self-confidence. Young Titik Kartika has the toughest time; she grew up in the street but her surroundings made her strong and fearless.

color, digital, 104 min