The Clan

El clan, feature film, drama, Argentina, Spain, 2015

DIRECTED BY: Pablo Trapero

The Clan

Guillermo Francella,
Peter Lanzani,
Lili Popovich,
Gastón Cocchiarale

Julian Loyola,
Esteban Student,
Pablo Trapero

Julián Apezteguia


In early 1980’s in Argentina in a, at a first glance, traditional home in an old neighborhood San Isidro, there lives a frightening family that lives from murders and kidnappings. The head of the family, Arquímedes, plans and leads all the operations, and all members of the family take part in these horrible activates in order to earn their living from ransoms that are paid by the victims’ families. 

This award-winning film based on real events about the family Puccio, is an extremely tense story that takes place in the context of the last years of the Argentinian military dictatorship and early days of democracy.

color, digital, 110 min