Lisbon Story

feature film, 1994

DIRECTED BY: Wim Wenders

Lisbon Story

Rüdiger Vogler (Phillip Winter),
Patrick Bauchau (Friedrich Monroe),

Wim Wenders

Lisa Rinzler

The film begins with an ordinary postcard and a strange text written on it. The sender is the director Friedrich Monroe and the receiver is his friend Phillip Winter, the sound recorder. Friedrich is making a film about Lisbon by walking around the town with a camera in his hand filming people, the atmosphere, events, and the reality… But he has troubles with recording the sound, so he decides to ask his friend to help him. But when Winter arrives to Lisbon, Friedrich is no longer there. He finds the unfinished film, without the sound. In the search for his friend, he gets to know Lisbon. He meets a band Madredeus and persuades them to record the music for Friedrich’s film. He falls in love with Teresa, the singer, befriends local children, and meets the gangsters who are also looking for Friedrich. Finally Phillip finds a lead that will take him to Friedrich...
The film Lisbon Story was shown in the official program in Cannes in 1995.

color, 35 mm, 100 min