The Swindlers

Il bidone, feature film, 1955

DIRECTED BY: Federico Fellini

The Swindlers

Broderick Crawford (Augusto),
Giulietta Masina (Iris),
Richard Basehart (Picasso),
Franco Fabrizi (Roberto),
Sue Ellen Blake (Anna)

Federico Fellini,
Ennio Flaiano,
Tullio Pinelli

Otello Martelli

Augusto is an old small time crook who earns his living stealing from other people. He has two partners helping him: Roberto, who wants to become the Italian Johnny Ray, and Bruno, whose nickname is Picasso. Picasso has a daughter and a wife and actually wants to paint. Augusto avoids emotional intimacy and spends his money in clubs. A sudden encounter with his daughter who needs help will change his life…

b/w, 109 min