Certified Copy

Copie conforme, feature film, romantic drama, France, Italy, Belgium, Iran, 2010

DIRECTED BY: Abbas Kiarostami

Certified Copy

Juliette Binoche,
William Shimell (James Miller),
Adrian Moore,
Jean-Claude Carrière,
Agathe Natanson

Abbas Kiarostami

Luca Bigazzi

Bahman Kiarostami

On the occasion of the release of his last book, the middle-aged British writer James Miller is giving a lecture in Tuscany. The book argues that in art it is not essential to distinguish the original from the copy, for each copy is somehow original, and the original is again some other form. James meets a French antique seller at the presentation, who arrived there with her eleven-year-old son. Shortly after introductions, they decide to go for a drive.

color, 106'