Divorce - Italian Style

Divorzio all'italiana, feature film, 1961

DIRECTED BY: Pietro Germi

Divorce - Italian Style

Marcello Mastroianni (Ferdinando Cefalu),
Daniela Rocca (Rosalia Cefalu),
Stefania Sandrelli (Angela),
Leopoldo Trieste (Carmelo Patane)

Ennio De Concini,
Pietro Germi,
Alfredo Giannetti

Leonida Barboni,
Carlo Di Palma

Ferdinando, a thirty-seven-year-old Italian nobleman, is fed up with his wife and in love with his sixteen-year-old cousin Angela. Even though he wants a divorce, he has a small problem: Divorce is illegal in 1960s Italy. His only solution is to kill his wife -- and if he does it in order to defend his honor because she cheated on him, the punishment will be light. Therefore, Ferdinando starts looking for a lover for his wife.

35mm, b/w, 105 min