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White Nights

(Le notti bianche, Italy, France, 1957)

Directed by: Luchino Visconti
PHOTOGRAPHY: Giuseppe Rotunno

Mario, a shy young man who has just moved to Venice, meets Natalia on a bridge. Even though it is not certain that her lover will return, she spends her days hoping to see him again, which hinders the relationship between Mario and her. This is a film version of Dostoyevski’s short story by the same name.

b/w, 97'
Saturday 31.10.2009 AT 19:00
Friday 30.10.2009 AT 21:00

Big Deal on Madonna Street

(I soliti ignoti, 1958)

Directed by: Mario Monicelli
PHOTOGRAPHY: Gianni Di Venanzo

A former boxer, Peppe, and an unemployed photographer, Tiberio, lead a group of criminals who plan to rob a pawnshop. Even though their mentor Dante is an experienced but retired burglar, their job will be difficult. Each of the gang members has personal problems and the plan to dig a tunnel from the apartment next to the pawnshop has an unexpected outcome.

35mm, b/w, 106 min
Monday 02.11.2009 AT 18:00
Saturday 31.10.2009 AT 21:00

Divorce - Italian Style

(Divorzio all'italiana, 1961)

Directed by: Pietro Germi
PHOTOGRAPHY: Leonida Barboni, Carlo Di Palma

Ferdinando, a thirty-seven-year-old Italian nobleman, is fed up with his wife and in love with his sixteen-year-old cousin Angela. Even though he wants a divorce, he has a small problem: Divorce is illegal in 1960s Italy. His only solution is to kill his wife -- and if he does it in order to defend his honor because she cheated on him, the punishment will be light. Therefore, Ferdinando starts looking for a lover for his wife.

35mm, b/w, 105 min
Thursday 12.11.2009 AT 21:00
Wednesday 11.11.2009 AT 19:00

Marriage Italian-Style

(Matrimonio all'italiana, 1964)

Directed by: Vittorio De Sica
PHOTOGRAPHY: Roberto Gerardi

Domenico and Filumena first met during the WW 2 in a bordello. Since that time they have been iseparable. Filumena wants to marry Domenico. He will always pay for her rent and food, let her take care of his business, but marriage is out of the question. He just wants her to be his employee during the day and lover during the night. Filumena pretends to be dying and on her death bed tries to convince Domenico into marrying her. And all of this happens when Domenico plans to marry his other youn...

digital, color, 102 min
Saturday 14.11.2009 AT 21:00
Friday 13.11.2009 AT 19:00

A Special Day

(Una giornata particolare, 1977)

Directed by: Ettore Scola
PHOTOGRAPHY: Pasqualino De Santis

The story takes place in 1930 in Italy on a historical day: Hitler comes to Italy to visit Mussolini. While her fascist husband and entire family go out to the street to see the procession, the housewife Antonietta remains at home to do house chores. The only other person in the building is Gabriele, a recently jobless radio host who is waiting to be deported to Sardinia due to his anti-fascist views and homosexuality.

35mm, color, 110 min
Saturday 14.11.2009 AT 19:00
Friday 13.11.2009 AT 21:00

The Sweet Life

(La dolce vita, Italy, France, 1960)

Directed by: Federico Fellini
PHOTOGRAPHY: Otello Martelli

We follow seven days in the life of Marcello, a columnist for a gossip newspaper who wants to become a serious writer but hasn’t got the strength to do it. Instead he lives a decadent life in Rome and has superficial relationships with the members of the elite. Meanwhile, he neglects his lover Emma and eventually she tries to commit suicide.

b/w, 174'
Saturday 28.11.2009 AT 19:00
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