A Special Day

Una giornata particolare, feature film, 1977

DIRECTED BY: Ettore Scola

A Special Day

Marcello Mastroianni (Gabriele),
Sophia Loren (Antonietta),
John Vernon (Emanuele),
Alessandra Mussolini (Maria Luisa)

Maurizio Costanzo,
Ruggero Maccari,
Ettore Scola

Pasqualino De Santis

The story takes place in 1930 in Italy on a historical day: Hitler comes to Italy to visit Mussolini. While her fascist husband and entire family go out to the street to see the procession, the housewife Antonietta remains at home to do house chores. The only other person in the building is Gabriele, a recently jobless radio host who is waiting to be deported to Sardinia due to his anti-fascist views and homosexuality.

35mm, color, 110 min