Kings of the Road

Im Lauf der Zeit, feature film, 1975

DIRECTED BY: Wim Wenders

Kings of the Road

Rüdiger Vogler (Bruno Winter),
Hanns Zischler (Robert Lander),
Lisa Kreuzer (Pauline),
Rudolf Schündler (Robertov otac),
Marquard Bohm,
Hans Dieter Trayer (Paul)

Wim Wenders

Robby Müller

Bruno is a repairman who fixes film projectors and spends most of his time traveling from one old film theatre to the other. On the way, he meets a depressive hitchhiker, Robert, who has just divorced and they decide to travel together. In Bruno’s truck they travel the roads along the border of East and West Germany.
The film won the FIPRESCI award in Cannes in 1976.

b/w, DCP, 175 min