From 26.05. To 31.05.2010.

Program of films by Jacques Rivette

Program of films by Jacques Rivette


Films in cycle

Celine and Julie Go Boating

(Céline et Julie vont en bateau, 1974.)

Directed by: Jacques Rivette
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jacques Renard

This is a surreal film in which reality, magic and time play their own parts, independent of the heroines. Julie sits on a park bench reading a book about magic. A woman walks by her who drops things from her hands, but it seems that no one else in the park notices her. Julie picks up the woman’s scarf and follows her around Paris…

35 mm, color, 193 min
Friday 28.05.2010 AT 19:00
Wednesday 26.05.2010 AT 19:00

Paris Belongs to Us

(Paris nous appartient, 1960.)

Directed by: Jacques Rivette
PHOTOGRAPHY: Charles L. Bitsch

Jacques Rivette’s first feature film focuses on two main themes: the staging of the theatre play Pericles based on Shakespeare and the mysterious suicide of the young Spanish activist Juan. Juan’s death is the main topic of conversation at a party Anne visits. Trying to find out what happened, Anne accepts an invitation to take part in Gerard Lenz’s play. The director’s girlfriend is Juan’s ex girlfriend.

35 mm, b/w, 140 min
Monday 31.05.2010 AT 21:00
Thursday 27.05.2010 AT 19:00

Duelle (une quarantaine)


Directed by: Jacques Rivette
PHOTOGRAPHY: William Lubtchansky

This is the first of four planned films whose central theme is the battle between the Sun Goddess and the Moon Goddess over a mysterious blue diamond that has the power to turn mortals to immortals and vice versa. Each film was planned to be of a different genre: Duelle a film noir, Noroît a pirate adventure and the last two (never filmed) a love story and a musical.

35 mm, color, 121 min
Monday 31.05.2010 AT 19:00
Thursday 27.05.2010 AT 21:30

Jacques Rivette - Le veilleur


Directed by: Claire Denis

This is a documentary consisting of interviews by Serge Danay, critic of the film magazine Cahiers du cinéma, with the director Jacques Rivette and clips from his films. The director talks about his life, childhood, career, and the beginnings of the French New Wave, art, working with actors and relationship with other directors.

digital, b/w and color, 125 min
Saturday 29.05.2010 AT 21:00
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