From 07.03. To 12.03.2005.

Program of Iranian Films

Program of Iranian Films


Films in cycle

Still Life

(Tabi'at-e Bijan, 1974)

Directed by: Sohrab Sales
PHOTOGRAPHY: Houshang Baharlou

Mohamad Sardari (Zadour Bonyadi) is an old railway worker who lives a quiet life ith his wife at a remote railway turning. After thirty years of work, he has to retire.

color, 90 minuta
Tuesday 08.03.2005 AT 19:00
Monday 07.03.2005 AT 20:00

Southern Voyager

(Mosafer-e Jonub, 1996)

Directed by: Parviz Shahbazi

A young man, Reza, travels to Teheran to visit his relatives. An old woman, Ms Nassiri, travels to Germany to visit her daughter. Reza and Ms Nassiri meet on the train and become friends. When Ms Nassiri gets in trouble, Reza does everything he can to save her.

color, 90 minuta
Wednesday 09.03.2005 AT 19:00
Tuesday 08.03.2005 AT 21:00

Birth of Butterfly

(Tavalode -yek parvaneh, 1998)

Directed by: Mojtaba Raie
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mohammad Davoodi

This omnibus tells three stories; the first one is about a man whose wife is dying, the second about a boy who goes on a pilgrimage, and the third one is about a teacher who finds work in a small remote village threatened by a flood.

color, 110 minuta
Thursday 10.03.2005 AT 19:00
Wednesday 09.03.2005 AT 21:00

Cloud and the Rising Sun

(Abr-o aftab, 1997)

Directed by: Mahmoud Kalari
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mahmoud Kalari

A film crew is waiting for the weather to get better in order to shoot the last scene of their film. Meanwhile an old actor receives news that his wife has had a heart attack. He immediately leaves the set and heads to the hospital. The film crew follows him and tries to finish their film.

color, 90 minuta
Friday 11.03.2005 AT 19:00
Thursday 10.03.2005 AT 21:00

The Tree of Life (1998)

(Derakht-e jan, 1998)

Directed by: Farhad Mehranfar
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nader Massoomi

Through a story told by a mother to her son, we discover the history, tradition and everyday life of an Iranian nomadic tribe.

color, 73 minute
Saturday 12.03.2005 AT 19:00
Friday 11.03.2005 AT 21:00

The Saint Mary

(Maryam Moghadas)

Directed by: Shahriar Bahrani

This is a fascinating story about Virgin Mary’s life and the birth of Jesus.

color, 128 minuta
Saturday 12.03.2005 AT 21:00
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