From 12.02. To 15.02.2005.

Hrvatski film pedesetih II

Hrvatski film pedesetih II


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Only People

(Yugoslavia: Croatia, 1957 | Mjesto prikazivanja filma: Kulturno informativni centar KIC (Preradovićeva ul. 5))

Directed by: Branko Bauer
PHOTOGRAPHY: Branko Blažina

Predrag Bojanić, a war invalid who lost a leg is recovering in the hospital where he meets Ljubicu Romić, a girl who lost her eyesight. Ljubica awaits the operation after which she might regain her eyesight. Predrag and Ljubica fall in love. Inspite of her love, Predrag still feels uncomfortable sharing with her the truth about his handicap.

b/w, 101'
Saturday 12.02.2005 AT 19:00

Train Without a Timetable

(Yugoslavia, 1959 | Mjesto prikazivanja filma: MM-centar (Studentski centar, Savska cesta 25))

Directed by: Veljko Bulajić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Krešo Grčević

In the spring of 1946, huge migrations are organized within Yugoslavia; entire villages move from desolate Dalmatian inlands to the fruitful plains of Slavonia, Baranja, Srijem, and Vojvodina. One of the villages is Dolac, in the Dalmatian hill country, whose inhabitants received some land and houses in the village Topolovo in Baranja. The leader of this mass relocation is the president of the village committee, Lovre, who loves the widow Ike. Lovre’s brothers, Duje and Periša, who...

b/w, 119'
Tuesday 15.02.2005 AT 19:00
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