From 24.02. To 01.03.2011.

In memoriam... Jill Clayburgh

In memoriam... Jill Clayburgh


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An Unmarried Woman


Directed by: Paul Mazursky
PHOTOGRAPHY: Arthur J. Ornitz

After sixteen years of marriage. Erica’s husband leaves her for a younger woman he has recently met. Realizing that she is on her own from now on, Erica tries to cope with the new situation and find her own identity after years of being a mother and wife. She soon meets new men and goes out on dates, but this time she is more self-confident and careful. For this role, Jill Clayburgh won the award as Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival.

35 mm, color, 124 min
Monday 28.02.2011 AT 21:00
Thursday 24.02.2011 AT 19:00


(La luna, Italy, 1979)

Directed by: Bernardo Bertolucci
PHOTOGRAPHY: Vittorio Storaro

After her husband’s death, Caterina Silveri, an American opera diva, moves to Italy with her teenage son Joe. Soon afterwards, Joe becomes a heroin addict and Caterina, although busy with her work and parties in the high society, notices that something is wrong with him. Because she wants to save her son she does things that are border-line incestuous…

color, 142'
Tuesday 01.03.2011 AT 21:00
Monday 28.02.2011 AT 18:30
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