From 03.03. To 05.03.2011.

In memoriam... Leslie Nielsen

In memoriam... Leslie Nielsen


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Directed by: Jim Abrahams
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joseph F. Biroc

This is a parody of films about airplane catastrophes in which all the passengers and the crew get food poisoning during the flight. Ted Striker, a former military pilot who is now afraid of flying, is on the plane because he wants to meet his former lover, stewardess Elaine. He is now responsible for flying the plane - but will he have the courage to overcome his phobia?

35 mm, color, 88 min
Friday 04.03.2011 AT 21:00
Thursday 03.03.2011 AT 19:00

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!


Directed by: David Zucker
PHOTOGRAPHY: Robert M. Stevens

Frank Drebin is a decisive but clumsy detective who has twenty-four hours to prevent Queen Elizabeth’s assassination and restore his colleague Nordberg’s reputation, (he is suspected of working with the mafia). During the investigation, Frank meets Jane, assistant to Vincent Ludwig who is the main smuggler of heroin and the master criminal behind plans for the queen’s assassination. Even though he is falling in love with Jane, Frank does not dare trust her...

35 mm, color, 85 min
Saturday 05.03.2011 AT 21:00
Friday 04.03.2011 AT 19:00
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