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In Memoriam...  Paul Newman

In Memoriam... Paul Newman


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The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the- Moon Marigolds


Directed by: Paul Newman
PHOTOGRAPHY: Adam Holender

We follow the life of a dysfunctional family which consists of an eccentric widow and mother, Beatrice, and her two daughters: Ruth, an extrovert who suffers from epilepsy and always abides by her mother’s will and Matilda, a shy and introverted little girl who tries to explain the world through the logical laws of science while passing her time doing schoolwork and taking care of her pet. At the Cannes film festival in 1972 Joanne Woodward was won the prize for Best Leading Actress for her per...

35 mm, color, 100 min
Tuesday 03.02.2009 AT 19:00

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

(USA, 1972)

Directed by: John Huston
PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Moore

After nearly getting beaten to death, outlaw Roy Bean recovers and returns hungry for revenge. He becomes the Judge, appoints “marshals”, decides who is to be hanged and transforms the saloon into his office, which he names The Jersey Lily after Lily Langtry, a British actress he is hopelessly in love although he has never met her.

color, 120'
Thursday 05.02.2009 AT 19:00

Slap Shot


Directed by: George Roy Hill
PHOTOGRAPHY: Victor J. Kemper

Paul Newman plays an ice hockey coach whose career is coming to a close. Once a great ice hockey player, he now leads the Charlestown Chiefs, a minor league team which is constantly losing and has financial difficulties. To avoid the breakup of the team, Coach Reggie is forced to invent new tactics and occasionally even lie in order to motivate his team.

35 mm, color, 123 min
Saturday 07.02.2009 AT 19:00
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