From 18.12. To 20.12.2010.

In memoriam...Hopper

In memoriam...Hopper


Films in cycle

Easy Rider

(USA, 1969)

Directed by: Dennis Hopper
PHOTOGRAPHY: László Kovács

Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda are hippie motorcyclists who smuggle cocaine from Mexico to Los Angeles. From the money they earned, they pay for a trip to New Orleans to visit Mardi Gras while on their way to Florida. On their travels, they meet a hitchhiker who takes them to a hippie commune. They end up in prison and an alcoholic lawyer named George bails them out. They become friends with George, who joins their travels…

b/w and color, 95'
Monday 20.12.2010 AT 21:00
Saturday 18.12.2010 AT 19:00

Blue Velvet

(USA, 1986 | Mjesto prikazivanja filma: Kino Forum (SD Stjepan Radić, Jarunska ul. 2))

Directed by: David Lynch
PHOTOGRAPHY: Frederick Elmes

In an idyllic American town, a young man returns home from a hospital where he visited his sick father. On his lawn, he finds a human ear. He reports it to the police, but also investigates on his own. Dorothy, a policeman’s daughter, helps him out. Soon, the young couple realizes the truth behind the idyllic middle class America, houses with picket fences and freshly mowed lawns. Jeffrey is entangled in the world of criminals and psychopaths.

color, 120'
Monday 20.12.2010 AT 19:00
Saturday 18.12.2010 AT 21:00
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