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The Seventh Veil


Directed by: Compton Bennett
PHOTOGRAPHY: Reginald H. Wyer

Francesca, once a famous pianist, suffers from amnesia. After trying to commit suicide, she is treated in a mental hospital. Her psychiatrist Dr. Larsen helps her to remember the past and events that brought to her present condition. Through flashbacks, she slowly starts to remember the truth about her hard life and people who hurt her. It seems that the only support she has ever had was from her guardian Nicholas.

b/w, 35 mm, 94 min
Thursday 04.03.2010 AT 21:00
Wednesday 03.03.2010 AT 19:00

Odd Man Out


Directed by: Carol Reed
PHOTOGRAPHY: Robert Krasker

Johnny McQueen, leader of an Irish organisation similar to the notorious IRA, was recently released from prison. He is working on a plan to commit a robbery to get money for the organisation. During the robbery, something goes wrong, and he gets shot. He ‘vanishes’ in the dark streets of Belfast swarming with policemen. Kathleen, the girl who loves him, is trying to get to him before the police… A respectable film, with excellent photography and great performance by Robert Newton.

b/w, digital, 116 min
Tuesday 30.03.2010 AT 21:15
Friday 05.03.2010 AT 19:00

North by Northwest

(USA, 1959)

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

By an unfortunate chain of coincidental events, middle-aged Roger O. Thornhill, who works in an advertising agency, is mistaken for a CIA spy. Roger is kidnapped by unknown men and ends up on an estate where a man questions him, convinced that he is George Kaplan. Soon Roger realizes that his life is in danger and he has no choice but to find the real George...

color, 131'
Tuesday 30.03.2010 AT 19:00
Friday 05.03.2010 AT 21:00

A Star Is Born

(USA, 1954)

Directed by: George Cukor

This film, starring Judy Garland and James Mason, is a remake of a film by the same title from 1937: Norman Maine is a movie star whose career is hitting bottom. Esther Blodgett is a young singer who saves him from an unpleasant situation. Realizing how talented she is, Norman helps Esther on her path to fame. The pair is soon married, however because of problems with his fading career, Norman starts drinking…

color, 175'
Monday 08.03.2010 AT 19:00
Saturday 06.03.2010 AT 19:00


(UK, USA, 1962)

Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
PHOTOGRAPHY: Oswald Morris

Professor Humbert Humbert moved to America to devote himself to writing and teaching at the University of Ohio. He rents a room from a widow, Charlotte Haze. Soon, he falls in love with Lolita, Charlotte’s fourteen-year-old daughter. To be closer to Lolita, he marries her mother. But, television screenwriter, Clare Quilty, wants Lolita for himself… This is an entertaining and bizarre comedy, with great black humor. Vladimir Nabokov was nominated for the Oscar for best screenplay.

b/w, 153'
Thursday 01.04.2010 AT 21:00
Wednesday 31.03.2010 AT 19:00

The Player Pianos

(Los pianos mecánicos, 1965)

Directed by: Juan Antonio Bardem

Vincent, a sensitive young man from Paris, travels to a friend’s house in a Spanish coastal town to find some peace. He soon meets Jenny, the owner of a local club with whom he has a relationship, and Pascal Regnier, an alcoholic with writer’s block who is spending his summer vacation there with his son Daniel.

35 mm, color, 94 min
Thursday 01.04.2010 AT 19:00
Wednesday 31.03.2010 AT 21:00

Stranger in the House


Directed by: Pierre Rouve
PHOTOGRAPHY: Kenneth Higgins

After his wife left him, formerly respectable lawyer John Sawyer started to drink. He has a teenage daughter Angela in whose life he does not take any part whatsoever. When one of Angela’s friends is murdered in their house and the main suspect is Angela’s boyfriend, John decides to do everything in his power to help the boy and restore his own relationship with his daughter.

color, 35 mm, 104 min
Saturday 03.04.2010 AT 21:00
Friday 02.04.2010 AT 19:00



Directed by: Terence Young
PHOTOGRAPHY: Freddie Young

After her father dies in a climbing accident, Elizabeth Roffe inherits his pharmaceutical company. Soon the police examination reveals that her father was murdered and the inspector shows Elizabeth the list of suspects, which contains members of the company’s board as well as members of her family. When Elizabeth refuses to sell the company, her life is threatened as well.

color, 35 mm, 116 min
Saturday 03.04.2010 AT 19:00
Friday 02.04.2010 AT 21:00
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