Pupi Avati

03.11.1938, Bologna, Italy


Giuseppe Avati, more famous as Pupi, is one of the most productive Italian film directors. In mid 1950’s he abandoned his studies of Animal Health in order to be able to play a clarinet in a jazz band. From 1964, he has been working on film. Together with his brother Antonio and Gianni Minervini, he established the production house A.M.A.. His directing debut was the horror film Balsamus l'uomo di Satana (1968). The fact that Avati made his debut with a horror film is quite important as, at the time, horror films in Italy were almost unknown and regarded as avant-garde. With his next films, he attracted the attention of audience and film critics and won several awards. Some of his early films are Bordella (1975) and Jazz band (1978). In 1975, he worked with teh famous director Pasolini on his screenplay for the director’s last film Salo o le centoventi giornate di Sodoma. In the 1980’s, together with his brother Antonio, he founded his new production house Duea Film. The most important films from that time are the comedies Impiegati (1984) and Festa di laurea as well as sports drama The Last Minute (Ultimo momento, 1987). His film The Story of Boys & Girls (Storia di ragazzi e di ragazze, 1989) attracted the attention of American critics and audience, which enabled him to direct his first American feature film Bix (1991), which deals with the life of the jay legend Bix Beiderbeck. He directed his second film in English, The Childhood Friend (L'amico d'infanzia), in 1994. Some of his next more important films are The Best Man (Il testimone dello sposo, 1998), which was nominated for the Golden Globe, La via degli Angeli (1999), awarded for best screenplay at the Montreal Film Festival and I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa (2001), which was nominated in several categories for the award from the Italian film critics. He has directed many films so far and some of them are the romantic comedy Il cuore altrove (2003), drama La seconda notte di nozze (2005), thriller The Hideout (Il nascondiglio, 2007), war drama Giovanna's Father (Il papà di Giovanna, 2008), romantic comedy The Friends at the Margherita Cafe (Gli amici del bar Margherita, 2009), drama A Second Childhood (Una sconfinata giovinezza, 2010) and The Big Heart of Girls (Il cuore grande delle ragazze, 2011).


I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa (2001)
La via degli angeli (1999)
Il Testimone dello sposo (1998)
L' Arcano incantatore (1996)
Festival (1996)
Voci notturne (TV serija) (1995)
Dichiarazioni d'amore (1994)
The Childhood Friend (1994)
Magnificat (1993)
Fratelli e sorelle (1991)
Bix (1991)
Storia di ragazzi e di ragazze (1989)
E proibito ballare (TV serija) (1989)
Sposi (1987)
Ultimo minuto (1987)
Regalo di Natale (1986)
Festa di laurea (1985)
Impiegati (1984)
Noi tre (1984)
Una Gita scolastica (1983)
Zeder (1983)
Dancing Paradise (1982)
Aiutami a sognare (1981)
Le Strelle nel fosso (1979)
Tutti defunti... tranne i morti (1977)
La Casa dalle finestre che ridono (1976)
Bordella (1976)
La Mazurka del barone, della santa e del fico fiorone (1975)
Thomas e gli indemoniati (1970)
Balsamus l'uomo di Satana (1968)

Films by this director

The Three of Us

(Noi Tre, 1984)

Directed by: Pupi Avati

It is the year 1770. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives in Italy to take the exam at the Accademia dei Filarmonici in Bologne. The fourteen-year old genius and his father Leopold are guests of the Pallavicini family, who live in a beautiful vila near town. Young Mozart accustomed to royal courts and universal admiration of the public of the greatest European concert halls suddenly starts to discover and learn about simple things. Mozart and Giuseppe Pallavacini's son become good friends...

color, 88 min

Christmas Present

(Regalo di Natale, 1986)

Directed by: Pupi Avati
PHOTOGRAPHY: Pasquale Rachini

On Christmas Eve four old friends, Lele, Ugo, Stefano, and Franco, gather at Stefano's friend's house for a game of poker. Lele is a born loser, a poorly paid journalist who writes third-rate articles. Ugo is a saleman in a house supplies store, a divorced father who does not love his four children – his children do not love him. Stefano, a coach, lives alone and everyone suspects him to be homosexual. Franco is the owner of a big movie theatre in Milan on the verge of bankrupcy, pur...

color, 101 min

La via degli angeli


Directed by: Pupi Avati

Bologne, 1930. Ines, a shy college graduate gets a job as a secretary in the antiques shop. Soon she falls in love with Angelo, the boss' son. He pays no attention to her until the traditional summer dance where men and women gather to celebrate and find their soul mates...

color, 121 min

Tale of Boys and Girls

(Storia di ragazzi e di ragazze, 1989)

Directed by: Pupi Avati

It is the year 1936. Angelo, from a middle-class family, and Silvia, a girl of humble origins, organize their engagement party in the house at the estate near Porretto Terme. At the table Silvia's parents act with great impropriety, while Angel's parents turn out to be an unpleasantly hypocritical pair. The story was inspired by director Avati's parents and reflects social disintegration in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century.

color, 87 min

Un ragazzo d'oro

( 2014.)

Directed by: Pupi Avati
PHOTOGRAPHY: Blasco Giurato

Even though he works in the advertising industry, Davide Bias actually wants to write and publish a book. He is engaged to Silvia but he is unhappy and is addicted to medicines that help him survive each day. When his father dies, a screenwriter for B films, Davide and Silvia decide to move to Rome. There he meets the widow Ludovica Stern, a publisher who was negotiating with his father about publishing his autobiography. David decides to write a book under his father’s name.

color, 102 min
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