Philippe Barcinski


Brazilian director, screenwriter and producer, born in 1975. He started his career during the mid-nineties, directing promotional videos and short films, with which he participated in many local and foreign festivals. Not by Chance (Não por acaso, 2007) is his first feature film, followed by Entre Vales (2012).


Films by this director

Not by Chance

(Não por acaso, 2007.)

Directed by: Philippe Barcinski

The lives of two men from São Paulo, who don't know each other, will be joined and forever branded by a tragic event. Privately similar, Pedro and Ênio like the feeling of control over their lives. It will be taken away from them when their loved ones die in a traffic accident. Pedro suddenly loses his wife, and Ênio his ex-wife. They will both have to confront their losses in order to let new people into their lives.

color, digital, 100 min
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