Icíar Bollaín

12.06.1967, Madrid


Bollaín made her film debut as an actress at the age of sixteen in the film El sur (1983). Her other appearances include films such as Malaventura (1988), An Umbrella for Three (Un paraguas para tres, 1992), Land and Freedom (1995), Leo (2000), They're Watching Us (Nos miran, 2002). In 1991, she became a partner in the production company La iguana, where she wrote screenplays and directed short films and documentaries. Her feature film debut was the film Hi, Are You Alone? (Hola, estás sola?, 1995). She also made Flowers from Another World (Flores de otro mundo, 1999) and Take My Eyes (Te doy mis ojos, 2003), which won the Goya award for the best director and screenwriter in 2004.


Films by this director

Hi, Are You Alone?

(Hola, estás sola?, 1995)

Directed by: Icíar Bollaín

Nina is a twenty-year-old girl who lives with her father, a conservative and authoritative man. Trini has just lost her mother. Trini and Nina are friends and they realize that nothing important holds them in their hometown Valladolid. Soon, they decide to leave in order to find love and happiness somewhere else…

color, 92 minute



Directed by: Icíar Bollaín
PHOTOGRAPHY: Kiko de la Rica

We follow the story of three successful investigators devoted to their careers: Nevertheless, they have more trouble in their private lives. Eva has just returned from maternity leave and juggles her professional and private responsibilities. Moreover, she finds out that her partner Ińaki has a secret. Inés goes undercover in a multinational company. Her investigation brings her to a point when she has to make a tough private and ethical decision. Carmen witnesses the breaking of someone’s marri...

digital, color, 100min
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