Joon-ho Bong

14.09.1969, Seoul, South Korea


Bong is a Korean director and screenwriter. He graduated with a degree in sociology from the Yonsei University. He has been interested in film since an he was young. In the beginning of the 1990s he enrolled in the Korean Academy of Film Arts, from which he graduated two years later. During his studies he directed short 16mm films and in 2000 made his first feature film, Flandersui gae (Barking Dogs Never Bite). He achieved national attention with his second feature, crime drama Salinui chueok (Memories of Murder, 2003) based on a true story. He successfully directed the horror film Gwoemul (The Host, 2006), took part in the omnibus Tokyo! (2008) and directed the crime drama Mother (Madeo, 2009), his latest film.


Films by this director


(Madeo, 2009.)

Directed by: Joon-ho Bong

An older widow lives with her son, mentally handicapped and shy Do-joon. She survives by selling herbs and healing people with acupuncture. One day the police find a woman’s body and arrest Do-joon without substantial evidence. Realizing that she will get no help from institutions, the mother sets off on a quest for the real killer in order to save her innocent son…

color, 128 min


(Gisaengchung, Južna Koreja, 2019)

Directed by: Joon-ho Bong
PHOTOGRAPHY: Kyung-pyo Hong

Četveročlana obitelj Kim, koju čine inteligentni mladić Ki-woo, njegova bistra sestra Ki-jung, dobrodušni otac Ki-taek i brižna majka Chung-sook, ljudi su s dna društvene ljestvice koji žive u vlažnom i trošnom suterenskom stančiću. Dok koji sitan novac zarađuju sklapanjem kartonskih kutija za pizze, članovi obitelji Kim se spajaju na besplatan wi-fi sustanara u zgradi a stan u kojem žive, a koji poplavi svaka malo jača kiša, često bude zaprašen protiv insektic...

color, 132'
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