Willem Bosch


Scriptwriter on several Dutch films and TV shows of different genres, including drama, action and thriller. In 2015, he directed the short film Weg met Willem. Afterlife is his feature film debut.


Films by this director


(Hiernamaals, Netherlands, 2019)

Directed by: Willem Bosch
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jacco van Ree

After her mother’s death, fourteen-year-old Sam takes over caring for her father and two younger brothers. Sam is an excellent student, always finishing her tasks on time. Rushing to school one morning, she gets into an accident and dies. When she arrives to “the other side”, a tactless angel named Martin offers her a choice between being reincarnated and the afterlife. She chooses the afterlife and is reunited with her mother Vera. But Vera is dismayed because Sam has not had...

color, 93'
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