Silva Ćapin


A film director and screenwriter working as a freelancer. After completing her studies in comparative literature (BA) and Film and TV Directing (BA & MA) at the University of Zagreb, she started collaborating with the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), directing programmes for the Cultural, Children’s and Entertainment Programme. Her short The Rudeness of a German Lady (2020) screened at numerous international festivals. She is currently developing her feature debut.


Films by this director


(Croatia, 2021)

Directed by: Silva Ćapin

After arriving at their small apartment at the seaside, Anđelka and Vlado find their garden neglected, the roses and oleander withering. They learn that the reason for this is the tragedy that befell their neighbour Marija, an island local who took care of their oasis of peace out of season. Despite their understanding and compassion, Anđelka and Vlado are restless: the numbers don’t add up and the calculation is hard to ignore. Subtitles: EN

color, 15'
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