Julia Ducournau

Paris, France - 18.11.1983


French director and screenwriter. She graduated in screenwriting at La Fémis. She won the Petit Rail d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for her short film Junior (2011). Her shocking feature debut, Raw (2016), won the FIPRESCI Award at the International Critics’ Week in Cannes. Her second feature, Titane (2021), was awarded the Palme d’Or.


Films by this director


(France, 2021)

Directed by: Julia Ducournau

After her cannibalistic debut Raw (Cannes 2016 – FIPRESCI Award), in her second feature Julia Ducournau once again examines the boundaries of horror film, this time a Cronenberg-style body horror. Titane is a dark, roguishly twisted fantasy, immersed in neon, violence and sex, following a young girl after a severe car accident. Alexie is fitted with a metal plate in her skull after which she undergoes a complete psychological transformation and becomes obsessed with car...

color, 108'
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