Zsombor Dyga

26.08.1975, Budapest


Dyga is a Hungarian director of the new generation. His most famous film is Bro' (Tesó, 2003), and his other work includes Séta (Roaming the Streets, 1999), Gyilkosok (Killers, 2000), Vértakony (2000), Tempo (2001), Öcsögök (2001) and Uno (2002).


Films by this director


(Tesó, 2003)

Directed by: Zsombor Dyga
PHOTOGRAPHY: Arpád Horváth

Artin and Naté are brothers who live in a Budapest neighborhood. Simpleminded Artin is twenty-three but with the mentality of a teenager crazy for rock ‘n’ roll. His older and wiser brother Naté is obsessed with sex and earns his money writing pornographic stories. One day the brothers inherit an apartment and meet a new girl. Which of the brothers will win the girl’s heart?

color, 84 min
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