Fernando León de Aranoa

26.05.1968, Madrid, Spain



Aranoa, Spanish screenwriter and director, began his career with the short film Sirenas (1994). Afterwards he made the feature films Familia (1996) and Barrio (1998), as well as the documentary Caminantes (2001). He won several awards: as best debutant in 1997 in Peńíscola and 1998 in Sant Jordi, in 1996 in Valladolid, and in 1998 he received a Goya award as best young director. In 2003, he received another Goya as best director for his drama Los Lunes al sol (2002). He also directed the film Princesas (2005) and a segment Buenas noches, Ouma in the omnibus Invisibles (2007). His latest films are Amador (2010), A Perfect Day (Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2015), Loving Pablo (2017) and The Good Boss (2021).


Films by this director


(La familia, 1996)

Directed by: Fernando León de Aranoa
PHOTOGRAPHY: Alfredo F. Mayo

Santiago wakes up on a day like any other and goes to the kitchen where his whole family surprises him, singing Happy Birthday. He opens the present from his youngest son and becomes very angry because he doesn’t like it. The small boy starts to cry and persuades his dad that he loves him. However, his dad does not believe him and says wishes he had had another son – one without glasses, who might be skinnier and resemble his dad more.

color, 98 min

Mondays in the Sun

(Los lunes al sol, 2002)

Directed by: Fernando León de Aranoa
PHOTOGRAPHY: Alfredo F. Mayo

Six middle aged friends meet every day in a bar La Naval in the Spanish industrial and harbor town of Vigo. Rico opened the bar after the shipyard in which they all worked closed down. Now they are unemployed and spend their days drinking and chatting and hoping for a better future. Paulino is persistent but unsuccessful in trying to find a job. José is insecure because his family is supported by his wife. Santa dreams of moving to Australia. Amador misses a wife who abandoned him a along time a...

color, digital, 113 min

The Good Boss

(El buen patrón, Spain, 2021)

Directed by: Fernando León de Aranoa
PHOTOGRAPHY: Pau Esteve Birba

Blanco (Javier Bardem), the charismatic owner of a family-run factory, is intent on winning the local award for business excellence. The award requires perfection and that is exactly what Blanco has to offer! But when troublesome employees start getting in the way of his plans, the “good boss” will have no qualms about getting involved in their private lives, prompting an unimaginable chain reaction. The Good Boss is a dark corporate satire in which Javier Bardem masterfull...

color, 120'
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