John Ford



Films by this director

Wee Willie Winkie


Directed by: John Ford
PHOTOGRAPHY: Arthur C. Miller

Priscilla Williams and her mother, poor widow Joyce, go to India, where her grandfather, colonel Williams, lives and works. He is in command of a secluded British Army station in North India. They are fighting the local rebels led by Khoda Khan. As Priscilla and her mother arrive, he is arrested. Her grandfather is an old school soldier and doesn't want a child anywhere near his troops, but the young and charming Priscilla slowly wins them all over, including the Khoda Khan.

b/w, 35 mm, 100 min

The Searchers

(USA, 1956)

Directed by: John Ford

Sredovječni Ethan Edwards bivši je južnjački vojnik i povratnik iz američkog građanskog rata koji se vraća u rodni Texas, na ranč svog brata Aarona. Ethan je pesimist i usamljenik koji mrzi Indijance te koji se nada smirenju u krugu ljudi koje voli. No planove će mu ubrzo pokvariti napad Komanča koji razore Aaronovu kuću, ubiju njega i suprugu Marthu te otmu njihove malodobne kćeri Lucy i Debbie. Tu je i Aaronov posvojeni sin Martin Pawley, dijelom Indijanac koji preživi napad i s kojim E...

color, 119'

Grapes of Wrath

(USA, 1940)

Directed by: John Ford

Oklahoma in the era of the Great Depression. Tom Joad is released from prison and returns to the modest family estate. Through meeting former preacher Jim Casy, who lost his faith. There is no one left on the family property, and a neighbor tells them that the Joads were evicted from the property because they could no longer repay the loan. Tom reunited with his large family at his uncle's estate, and together, in an old car converted into a truck, they set off for California, hoping to find...

b/w, 129'
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