Aurora Gossé



Aurora Gossé is known for Dancing Queen (2023), Vi som ser i mørket (2014) and Karsten og Petra lager teater (2017).


Films by this director

Dancing Queen

(Norway, 2023)

Directed by: Aurora Gossé

Unlike the dancing queen from ABBA's hit song of the same name, 12-year-old Mina Mørk can neither dance nor jive, let alone breakdance. And when a new student comes to her school, none other than the popular (and handsome!) hip hop dancer Edwin, better known by his stage name ED WIN, Mina will become painfully aware of this fact. However, Edwin will organize an audition for his new dance group, and the lack of dancing skills will not prevent Mina, who is head over heels in love, from...

color, 92'
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