Ning Hao

Peking, Shanxi, China


Hao (born in 1977) is a Chinese director and screenwriter. He studied set design at the Taiyuan Film School, and then transferred to the Art department of the Peking University. He finally graduated from the Photography Department of the Peking Film Academy in 2003. During his studies he made the film Thursday, Wednesday (2001), and after graduation his debut feature film Xianghu (Incense, 2003). He wrote the screenplays for and directed the comedies Lü cao di (Mongolian Ping Pong, 2005), Fengkuang de shitou (Crazy Stone, 2006), Fengkuang de saiche (Silver Medalist, 2009) and the short film In the Soul Ultimate Nation (2007).


Films by this director

Crazy Stone

(Fengkuang de shitou, 2006)

Directed by: Ning Hao

A valuable piece of jade was found in an old abandoned factory. The factory’s owner, who is under constant pressure to sell his land to an entrepreneur from Hong Kong, decides to open an exhibition of precious stones. He hires a former police officer to guard the stones, which will be a hard task since three small-time crooks, among them the factory owner’s son and a professional thief hired by the entrepreneur from Hong Kong, have a plan to steal the jade.

color, digital, 98 min
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