Josip Žuvan


He was born in 1987. Holds an MA in Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. He is a member of the Croatian Film Director’s Guild and works as the director, screenwriter and creative producer on various commercial TV projects. Author of several short fiction films: Epilogue (2009), How to Tie a Necktie (2009), Hunter (2010, co-dir. Dario Lonjak), Irrelevant (2011), Dream Myself Away (2012) and Snow (ZFF 2012). Carbide is his first feature.


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(Croatia, Serbia, 2022)

Directed by: Josip Žuvan
PHOTOGRAPHY: Tomislav Sutlar

Twelve-year-olds Nikola and Antonio live next door to each other and are inseparable. Their families, who have a long-running feud, don’t like it one bit. At holidays, the boys have fun shooting carbide, film their escapades and post them on YouTube hoping to score millions of views. But not everyone is in equally high spirits and the quarrel between the families escalates. Director Josip Žuvan had his first appearance at ZFF with short films Snow (ZFF 2012) and Irrelevant&...

color, 113'
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