Juan Antonio Bayona

Barcelona, Spain


Bayona (born in 1975) is a Spanish director who became famous soon after his debut The Orphanage (El orfanato, 2007). It won many Goya awards (Best New Director, Screenplay, Production, Sound, Special Effects) and awards at other film festivals, including New Director, Actress, Editor, Cinematographer, Sound). He began his career as a journalist and then graduated with a degree in directing from The Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya – ESCAC). Before his feature film debut, he directed several short films and musical videos. His next project, currently in preproduction, is the thriller Hater. He is currently working on postproduction of his film The Impossible, based on true events which took place during an earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004.


Films by this director

The Orphanage

(El orfanato, 2007.)

Directed by: Juan Antonio Bayona

Laura opens a home for handicapped children in a former orphanage where she spent a happy childhood. She is a grown woman now and has her own family: husband Simón and their adopted son Carlos. Soon after moving into the old orphanage, Carlos says to his mother that he has five invisible friends. Thinking that he is just imagining things, Laura does not pay much attention to her son’s stories.

digital, color, 105 min
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