Róbert Koltai



Koltai took a degree in acting from the Academy for Performing arts in 1968. He was one of the most notable members of the Kaposvár Csiky Gergely, and afterwards joined the national Theatre. He has been a member of the Veszprém Petőfi theatre group since 1993.
In 1992, he made his directing and screenwriting debut with the film Sose halunk meg (We never dye). His other films are Szamba (1995), A miniszter félrelép (Out of order, 1998), Ámbár tanár úr (Professor Albeit, 1998) and Csocsó, avagy éljen május elseje (Mayday Mayheim, 2001).


Films by this director

Mayday Mayhem

(Csocsó, avagy éljen május, 2001)

Directed by: Róbert Koltai

This story takes place in a rapidly industrialized town on the banks of the Danube during the 1950’s. Teacher and soccer coach Csocsó (Róbert Koltai), fights many political and emotional battles throughout his preparations for the May 1st celebration in this Communist town. Last summer this film was in the Pula Film Festival.

color, 92 min

Colossal Sensation!

(Világszám, 2004)

Directed by: Róbert Koltai
PHOTOGRAPHY: Balázs Márton

This is a story about two twin brothers born in a traveling circus in 1903 in Hungary. Both of them work as clowns, following in their father’s footsteps. During one of their performances something goes wrong. Although it was Naftalin’s mistake, his older brother Dodó takes the blame and ends up in jail. A few years later the revolutions starts and Naftalin decides to look for his brother and set him free.

color, 95 min
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