Leeni Linna


Independent Estonian director and writer. She founded production company Linna Films. She graduated from the New York Film Academy and has directed several short films: Personal Space (2005), Taksojuht (2013), A Call Above the Clouds (2020) and A Wish Upon a Satellite (2021).


Films by this director

A Wish Upon a Satellite

(Laika, Estonia, 2021)

Directed by: Leeni Linna
PHOTOGRAPHY: Daniel Lindholm

Young Otto’s parents promised him a dog for his tenth birthday. But before they could fulfil their promise, there was a tragedy and Otto lost his parents. When he sees a shooting star the night before his tenth birthday, he once again makes a wish. But the star continues falling and crashes into the woods behind his grandmother’s house. In the forest, Otto discovers a spacecraft. When its hatch opens, a small dog comes out with Laika written on its collar. Knowing his grandmother is...

color, 17'
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