Mauro Andrizzi

28.04.1980, Mar del Plata, Argentina



Director, screenwriter and producer, graduated in screenwriting from National Film School ENERC in 2001. He made the short film Color y pixel (2006) in Vienna, then co-directed feature-length Mono (2007) with Mariano Goldgrob, about Argentine music scene. In 2008 he started his own production company Mono Films, under which he made his documentary film Iraqi Short Films (2008), which was screened worldwide. This was followed by his first feature-length En el futuro (2010), winning the Queer Lion at Venice Festival in 2010. He co-wrote and co-directed feature-length film Glorious Accidents (2011), together with Marcus Lindeen, as part of Dox: Lab cultural programme collaboration. The film won the Horizonti Award at Venice Festival for “experimental approach and new cooperation incentive”.


Films by this director

Glorious Accidents

(Accidentes gloriosos, Argentina, 2011)

Directed by: Mauro Andrizzi
PHOTOGRAPHY: Emiliano Cativa

The topic of this film are magnificent accidents, coincidences which like the touch of fate bring individuals to vital life-turning points that transform them. Nine different stories are united by a female narrator. Argentine photographer is convinced that traffic accidents constitute a perfect example of instant art. A man discovers new artistic tendencies after heart transplantation. A woman receives a love letter from her husband, written just before he froze to death...

color, digital, 58 min
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