Tim Mielants


Director of episodes of the popular series Legion (2018) and The Terror (2018), as well as the entire third season of Peaky Blinders. He perfected his trade on a series of short films, followed by his work on successful Belgian series Code 37 and Zingaburia. Patrick is his feature film debut.


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(De Patrick, Belgium, Netherlands, 2019)

Directed by: Tim Mielants
PHOTOGRAPHY: Frank van den Eeden

A quirky dark comedy about eccentric people, small pleasures and big tools. Patrick lives on his father’s naturist campsite where he is the resident handyman. His daily routine is perfectly neat, as is his workshop. But nothing lasts forever. The loss of his favourite hammer brings confusion into his neatly ordered world, triggering a series of events that will prove there is a lot more to the camp’s residents than meets the eye. The film won the award for best direction at Karlovy V...

color, 97'
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