Adrian Moyse Dullin


Adrian was born in Lyon. He holds degrees in philosophy and contemporary literature. The Right Words (2021) is his fiction debut. It has screened at festivals in Cannes, Warsaw, Chicago and elsewhere. He is currently writing a screenplay for a fiction feature about love.


Films by this director

The Right Words

(Haut les coeurs, France, 2021)

Directed by: Adrian Moyse Dullin
PHOTOGRAPHY: Augustin Barbaroux

Fifteen-year-old Kenza and her thirteen-year-old brother Mahdi’s favourite pastime is humiliating each other on social media. They are quite cruel at it too. One day, while riding the bus, Kenza decides to test her naive and romantic younger brother. She challenges him to declare love to his crush Jadi who is not even aware of Mahdi’s existence. Under pressure from his older sister, Mahdi agrees. The film was screened in official competitions at festivals in Cannes and Warsaw. Subti...

color, 15'
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