Jakov Nola


Completed his undergraduate directing studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2017, with the graduation film Counter-offensive, which won a Special Mention at ZFF 2017. He is now a film directing graduate student, works as assistant director and writes novellas. Author of films: Naš Božić (2015), Counter-offensive (2017), Odgoj mladeži (2018), Homely (2019).


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(Kućica, Croatia, 2019)

Directed by: Jakov Nola

The little house is a comfy, secure place in which Josip, a newly divorced, middle aged man spends his much too long summer holiday with his mother, away from the city and the problems. The little house is a home for his mother, but his nephew sees it as a source of income. Subtitles: EN

color, 23'
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