Petr Schulhoff

10.07.1922, Berlin, Germany - 04.05.1986, Prague, Czech Republic


Schulhoff directed several short films before his feature film debut with the detective film Strach (1963). Afterwards, he made The Murderer Hides His Face (Vrah skryvá tvár, 1966) and Po stopách krve (1969), which together with the two previous films makes sort of a trilogy of criminal films with Rudolf Hrusínský as detective Kalas. He directed many TV films and afterwards two more criminal films Vim, ze jsi vrah (1971) and Osud jménem Kamila (1974). He also tried out himself in the genre of comedy with Hodíme se k sobe, milácku..? (1974), Zítra roztocíme, drahousku... (1976), 'Já to tedy beru, séfe..!' (1977), Já uz budu hodný, dedecku! (1979), Co je doma, to se pocítá, pánové... (1980) and Príste budeme chytrejsí, starousku! (1982). He returned to his character of inspector Kalas in the film Diagnóza smrti (1979).


Films by this director

The Murderer Hides His Face

(Vrah skryvá tvár, 1966)

Directed by: Petr Schulhoff

This is a criminal drama whose main negative character is an unknown serial killer. The body of a young woman is found in the village of Drnovice and inspector Kalas will have to do everything he can in order to catch the murderer.

b/w, 35 mm, 94 min
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