The Young and the Passionate

I vitelloni, feature film, humorous drama, Italy, France, 1953

DIRECTED BY: Federico Fellini

The Young and the Passionate

Franco Interlenghi (Moraldo Rubini),
Alberto Sordi (Alberto),
Franco Fabrizi (Fausto Moretti),
Leopoldo Trieste (Leopoldo Vannucci),
Riccardo Fellini (Riccardo),
Leonora Ruffo (Sandra Rubini)

Federico Fellini,
Ennio Flaiano,
Tullio Pinelli

Carlo Carlini,
Otello Martelli,
Luciano Trasatti

Nino Rota

Rolando Benedetti

A group of friends lead a hedonistic existence in a small coastal town. Without a goal in their lives they spend their days having fun, drinking and flirting with women. When one the men’s girlfriends gets pregnant his own father makes him marry her. After the wedding and the birth of the baby, this man continues to live as carelessly as before and thus risks destroying his family. The only one from the group who wants to do more with his life is Moraldo, who is sort of Fellini’s alter ego.

b/w, 104'