feature film, Jadran film, 1969

DIRECTED BY: Vatroslav Mimica


Pavle Vuisić,
Srđan Mimica,
Boris Dvornik,
Fabijan Šovagović,
Neda Spasojević,
Marina Nemet,
Fahro Konjhodžić

Željko Senečić,
Vatroslav Mimica

Frano Vodopivec


Katja Majer


A grandfather and his 12-year-old grandson, who live in a secluded house, go to the fair to sell a horse. The path leads them through the forest, in which there is an atmosphere of some threatening foreboding. At the fair, the boy notices a girl, his age, who attracts his attention. After selling the horse, the grandfather catches the eye of the insidious bandit Matijević, who persuades the local lugar to follow him in order to get his money. The grandfather notices that they are being followed and tries to escape together with his grandson, but the villains are getting closer...

After the modernist trilogy Prometheus from the island of Viševice, Monday or Tuesday and Kaja, úbit ču te!, the classic of Croatian and Yugoslav cinematography, Vatroslav Mimica decided to return to a more standard narrative prose. That's how the Event was born, based on the story of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, a thriller-drama with elements of horror in the very end, and a film by which the author continues his predecessor Kaj, i will kill you! in the sense of dealing with (irrational) evil. But while the predecessor was located in the mostly urban milieu of a Mediterranean town, the Event is set in the rural area of continental Croatia, the atmosphere of which Mimica brilliantly captured. Poetically, it leans on the naturalistic tradition (including the use of exclusively scenic music), often garnishing it with morbid intonation (the anthological sequence of children's play in the attic of the 'haunted hut' is a prelude to the final slaughter), which was foreshadowed in the previously mentioned Kaj, I will kill you !. It is also about an interesting variant of a travel film, that is, a road, this time a rural, macadam road on which the characters move on foot, and the film composition is formed around this driving motif of travel. The event is also unique in that the great star Boris Dvornik performed one of his very rare villain roles in it, and his great partners are also great actors Pavle Vuisić and Fabijan Šovagović. Neda Spasojević is also excellent in the role of the psychotic lugar's wife, as well as the child couple Srđan (Sergio) Mimica - Marina Nemet, who six years later, as teenagers, will perform together again in Mimica's capital project Peasant's Revolt 1573. At the Pula Festival, the event received Silver Arena as the second best film (behind Fedor Šukobonja's Downstream from the Sun), Mimica himself was awarded the Silver Arena for directing, and Frano Vodopivec the Golden for best cinematography (photography).

color, 35mm, 93'