Intimate Lighting

Intimni osvetleni, feature film, Čehoslovačka, 1965

DIRECTED BY: Ivan Passer

Intimate Lighting

Vera Kresadlová (Stepa),
Karel Blazek (Bambas),
Jaroslava Stedra (Marie),
Zdenek Bezusek (Peter),
Miroslav Cvrk (Kaja)

Jaroslav Papousek,
Ivan Passer,
Václav Sasek

Miroslav Ondrícek,
Jan Strecha

This is Ivan Passer’s feature film debut and his last film made in Czechoslovakia. The film, which contrasts city and country life, tells the story of a young cello player from Prague, Peter, and his elegant girlfriend, Stepa, who visit their friends in the country. The two of them enjoy an idyllic country life and Peter prepares for a concert with the local orchestra.

b/w, 71 min