The League of Gentlemen

feature film, 1960.

DIRECTED BY: Basil Dearden

The League of Gentlemen

Jack Hawkins (Hyde),
Nigel Patrick (Race),
Roger Livesey (Mycroft),
Richard Attenborough (Lexy),
Bryan Forbes (Porthill)

Bryan Forbes (prema romanu Johna Bolanda)

Arthur Ibbetson

Colonel Hyde is bitter because he had to retire prematurely after he served in the military for many years. Thus he plans his revenge. He gathers seven former officers who were also let go from the army and they plan to carry out a professional bank robbery. The film was based on the novel by John Boland from 1958 and it won the award for best actors at the San Sebastián Film Festival and was nominated for the BAFTA award in the category of Best British Screenplay.

Richard Attenborough - biography

b/w, 35 mm, 116 min