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In memoriam… Richard Attenborough

In memoriam… Richard Attenborough


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Directed by: Richard Attenborough
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ronnie Taylor, Billy Williams

The film tells the story of Mahatma Gandhi from the beginning of his career as a lawyer until the moment he became the international symbol of peace – from London, across South Africa to his native India. This is one of the most famous films by Richard Attenborough. It won many awards at festivals around the world including eight Oscars (Best Film, Director and Actor), Golden Globes (Best Foreign Film and Director) and the BAFTA award (Best Film and Director) and many other awards.

b/w and color, 35 mm, 188 min
Monday 23.03.2015 AT 19:00
Tuesday 17.03.2015 AT 19:00

The Flight Of The Phoenix


Directed by: Robert Aldrich
PHOTOGRAPHY: Joseph F. Biroc

A freight airplane with the pilot, navigator and ten passengers falls down in a desert after a sudden storm breaks their engines. The plane is damaged, two people die and one is severely injured, the radio does not work, and the only thing they can do is to wait for help. But the storm has diverted the plane from its original course and one of the passengers claims that he knows how to make a plane from the wreck… Richard Attenborough - biography

color, 35 mm, 142 min
Wednesday 25.03.2015 AT 19:00
Wednesday 18.03.2015 AT 19:00

The League of Gentlemen


Directed by: Basil Dearden
PHOTOGRAPHY: Arthur Ibbetson

Colonel Hyde is bitter because he had to retire prematurely after he served in the military for many years. Thus he plans his revenge. He gathers seven former officers who were also let go from the army and they plan to carry out a professional bank robbery. The film was based on the novel by John Boland from 1958 and it won the award for best actors at the San Sebastián Film Festival and was nominated for the BAFTA award in the category of Best British Screenplay. Richard Attenborough...

b/w, 35 mm, 116 min
Friday 20.03.2015 AT 21:00
Thursday 19.03.2015 AT 19:00



Directed by: Richard Attenborough

C. S. "Jack" Lewis is a middle aged reserved bachelor and an Oxford academic who has written the famous books for children The Narnia Chronicles. Joy Davidman is an American poet who comes to visit him together with her son. At first Lewis sees this woman of a completely different character than his own, as an annoyance. However, soon there develops a mutual respect and friendship. When Joy visits him for the second time, religious Jack offers her civil marriage so that she can stay in England....

color, 35 mm, 131 min
Tuesday 24.03.2015 AT 19:00
Saturday 21.03.2015 AT 19:00
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