feature film, 1982.

DIRECTED BY: Richard Attenborough


Ben Kingsley (Mahatma Gandhi),
Candice Bergen (Margaret Bourke-White),
Edward Fox (general Dyer),
John Gielgud (lord Irwin),
Trevor Howard (sudac Broomfield)

John Briley

Ronnie Taylor,
Billy Williams

The film tells the story of Mahatma Gandhi from the beginning of his career as a lawyer until the moment he became the international symbol of peace – from London, across South Africa to his native India.
This is one of the most famous films by Richard Attenborough. It won many awards at festivals around the world including eight Oscars (Best Film, Director and Actor), Golden Globes (Best Foreign Film and Director) and the BAFTA award (Best Film and Director) and many other awards.

b/w and color, 35 mm, 188 min